Origami, the Foundations

Any organization needs, in order to work optimally, to consider these three dimensions: individuals, the relationships between them, and the context in which the exchanges take place.

Talent deployment

What skills are hidded behind my conditioning? What obstacles do I need to free myself from in order to fully express my potential and contribute to the height of my aspirations?

We support leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and employees to develop their specific talents. Reassured about their place, legitimate and confident, everyone positions themselves in a more anchored and impactful way. Let’s (re) discover enjoyment and commitment through better communication.

Team Agility

How to promote quality exchanges? Allow real mutual listening and respect for different points of view? How to unlock collective intelligence and creativity?

We create a neutral and reassuring interpersonal framework together. Our support allows individuals to express themselves, while contributing to a common project: clarifying the issues, benefit from each individual specificities, sharing the different points of view as levers for creativity and innovation.

It is the process itself and taking a step back from everyday life that makes it possible to unite the group and see new and applicable ideas emerge. You witness trust and cohesion grow; the teams are (re) energized sustainably.

Energy of places
and ecosystems

How to ensure emotional stability, ease tensions and resolve conflicts within the organisation?

When under heavy stress, our nervous system is programmed to protect us. It responds automatically and unconsciously by attacking, fleeing, or freezing. Without even realizing it, each of us faces situations to which our brain reacts as if it were in imminent danger, and produces inappropriate responses.

Being able to bring one’s self back to a form of internal security despite the external turmoil is essential to act in an appropriate manner, and to make the best decisions. The support of neurosciences is extremely useful for regaining calm, concentration, and freedom of action.

Thanks to simple and effective tools, based on recent research in neurophysiology, I support you in better managing your stress.

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