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Trainings / Certifications

INSA generalist engineer

Rouen, Madrid

IDC Certified Professional Coach

accreditation ACTP/ICF/EMCC/EQA/EduQua – Geneva


Accreditation – ICF World

Interpersonal Psychology

PSYREM – Annecy, Lyon, Geneva

Facilitation of collective intelligence


Facilitation of “Carbone Conversations”

Les Artisans de la Transition – Lausanne

Participatory Approach and interpersonal leadership

Gildas Leprêtre – Annecy

Interpersonal Intelligence
and Autonomic Nervous System


Who is Origami?

Anne Gaudel

« In any group the human factor is, in my opinion, what is the most complex and exciting challenge. »

From an engineer background, I worked for 16 years for international companies (Decathlon, Columbia Sportswear). Having worked in Product, Planning and Sales, I know what teams experience every day. These experiences today allow me to efficiently identify the needs of the different departments and to precisely identify the obstacles to collaboration.

Through my involvement in numerous global and cross-functional strategic projects, what has always motivated me is to guarantee cooperation between people with different experiences and cultures (Europe, USA, South America, Asia).

I often pondered over the lack of attention to collaboration itself when this is, for me, the main pillar of team efficiency. However, the current changing and uncertain global context has a negative impact on cooperation. Unmanaged stress hinders the quality of exchanges and creativity.

Alongside my career, and driven by a growing interest in the subject of collective intelligence, I have been training since 2015 in interpersonal psychology, and more particularly in emotional intelligence and systemic analysis.

In 2020, following a ski accident, I found myself immobilised, deprived of my practice of high mountain sports. From this forced break was born the need to reinvent myself…. I decided to found Origami, a company that supports talent and teams; the culmination of my convictions and experiences.

My desire is to contribute, at my level, to a more united and resilient society. A company is, in my opinion, a wonderful and fertile ground, a catalyst for collaboration.

I will be delighted to accompany your teams towards greater trust, cohesion and collaborative dynamism.




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